What is boudoir?

June 18, 2022

I offer a few different styles of sexy sessions. Why? Because my mood changes. My demeanor changes. Sometimes I want to have fun and be bold. Sometimes I want to be subtle and moody. I shoot a variety of styles because I have a variety of sides.



Let’s start with the definition of boudoir.

It’s French! It means “a woman’s bedroom or private room” and it was originally characterized as photos of a woman in her bedroom (or a private, “sitting” room, for example).
Now, this next part isn’t set in stone, but boudoir is USUALLY shot with natural light (or emulated natural light).
My boudoir sessions are sexy, sensual, dark, mysterious, and artistic.

Now let’s move on to GLAMOUR.


This is Glamour photography! Glamour is all about sex appeal. Think of the sexy ladies in Maxim or Playboy. When you’re ready to dial the sexuality up a level, then this might be your style.

My glamour sessions are bold, bright, flirty, fun, and sexual.

Fine Art portraits

My Fine Art boudoir portraits are artistic and beautiful. I shoot against beautiful background canvases or apply digital canvases in PhotoShop. I also use a painting technique known as “sfumato” to give the final portraits a “painterly” feel.

My fine art portraits are artistic, sensual, warm, slightly moody, dark….and beautiful.

Gel Sessions

My Gel sessions are ONE OF A KIND! These “gels” are basically thin, colored filters that fit over studio lights. With the right know-how, they can produce beautiful colors. Clients LOVE how they look and their vibrant results.

No one does gels like I do! Other photographers in Austin pay me to learn how to do it. I’m very proud of these very unique and beautiful works of art 🙂

My ONE-OF-A-KIND gel sessions are bright, lively, artistic, sexy, bold, and unique.


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