MY story

it started with weddings...

My name is Everett. Nice to meet you :). So what had happened was...

So...I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2006, and a few years in I started getting a number of brides-to-be asking me if I did boudoir sessions.

"Boudoir? I don't even know what that is!" was my first response to the first bride who asked about it. LOL. Yup, I had no idea what it was. Well after reading up on boudoir ("private bedroom"), I gave it shot (pun intended!). I have always loved natural light photography, and boudoir was a perfect fit.

After a few sessions it became clear to me that this very unique genre of photography needed its own website, and thus Sub Rosa Boudoir was born.

Fast forward and I'm now an award-winning boudoir and wedding photographer. I'm also an educator and mentor to other photographers in the Austin area.

Oh...and "Sub Rosa" loosely translated means "in secret." I chose it because the brides that were hiring me wanted to keep it a secret from their soon-to-be husbands so they could surprise them with a boudoir photo album.

As far as the rest of me: well I am a fun-loving dad to a teenage boy, I have an amazing sister who basically runs a financial company in Santa Monica, and my incredible parents live in New Braunfels! I've been in Austin since 1996. Hook 'em!