Before your session we’ll discuss products for your style! I offer both print and digital options.

The process

1. Product Selection

2. Your Session

3. Photo Selection

4. Deliver your artwork

We will take beautiful images of you in a relaxed, comfortable environment! This could be in your home, a studio setting, or in a luxury rental property.

We will meet again to view your proofs. This is where you will choose your favorites. We will then professionally retouch your chosen photos, approve with you, and then order your products.

After your products arrive we will hand deliver them. If you ordered wall art we will professionally hang or mount your artwork so that they look their best!

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Sessions come with:
Everett Christopher and female assistant
Up to 3 hours of shooting time
Unlimited changes of wardrobe within time slot
Feel free to bring a friend!

Session fees below are for photographer's time and talent only. Products are extra.

An average total spend including sessions and products is ~$4000


Session details

The comfortability of one's home is hard to beat. If you believe your home would be perfect for a natural light boudoir shoot, let's do it! Styles: Natural light boudoir. $499

Beautiful, naturally lit and high-end studio settings in Austin, TX. If you're interested in my Glamour, Gel, or Fine Art sessions, then this is the way to go. Styles: Fine art boudoir, Glamour, and Gels. $999

Only the most gorgeous, high-end, luxury spaces for your natural light boudoir session. Airbnbs are AWESOME if you want an ESCAPE for the night. $749

Session fee




add ons

Need a professional hairstylist and make-up artist? I got you. I know the best of the best. All are studio professionals based in Austin, TX.


"I have done three different photo shoots with Everett. Every single time the results are amazing, and the shoot itself is lots of fun 😊 He is extremely professional from the moment you book the session."
- Samantha -

I had a wonderful experience working with Everett. The shoot was very relaxed and professional and I got exactly what I wanted. He delivered the photos quickly and was always available for any questions I had. I would recommend him for any photography needs but especially boudoir.
- Molly -

"Doing a boudoir shoot with Everett was honestly one of the most empowering experiences of my life. I felt sexy and strong and awesome! Everett is amazing and poses you to make you feel like a goddess! The entire time I was comfortable & relaxed and my photos??? Oh my goodness. I'm thrilled with them! Everyone needs to have this experience!"
- Bex -

"Loved working with Everett! Very professional and experienced photographer. Good at direction and posing tips. Can't wait to work with him again!"
- Victoria -

"Everett was great to work with! It was my first boudoir shoot, and he was very professional all the way through and made me feel very comfortable. He also showed great knowledge of posing and various angles. I liked having his directions, which translated into some beautiful photographs."
- Veronica -

"Everett is so awesome to work with. He knows exactly what he's doing and how to direct newbies! I was comfortable working with him and photos he took were stunning! I cannot wait to work with him more in the future!!"
- Alyx -

"Everett has an incredible talent for the management of shape and color. He has a really good eye for shots, which is pretty obvious by the results of every shoot. He was also super polite and made me feel comfortable during the shoot."
- Erika -

"So professional, so sweet. we laughed almost the entire time. I will work with him over and over and over again!!!"
- Kristine -

"I was comfortable and had an amazing time. Normally I would be nervous, but I felt so confident when he was shooting me. 10 out of 10 would recommend."
- Megan -

"Everett was so much fun to work with. I appreciated his expertise, since I had never taken pictures like this before. I felt extremely comfortable, and laughed a lot! I was very happy with the final product, pictures where I feel beautiful!"
- Ariel

what my clients say...