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Natura light boudoir sessions are beautiful sessions and can be conducted in almost any room that has sufficient natural light.

Gearing up for a boudoir session? I’ve got you covered! I know you’ve already got your outfit planned and your makeup inspiration look pulled, but have you checked off these boxes? Come Up with an Empowering Mantra: Having the nervous jitters before your shoot is completely normal, but I’ve found that one of the best […]

One of the most frequently asked questions I get — and it often comes across with a certain level of concern — is whether someone should “bother” with a boudoir session if they’re plus-sized or curvy. I understand that question because we’re all bombarded with a certain type of image in the media and marketing, but […]

I totally get what you’re doing running off to Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook to look through boudoir images before your upcoming session! I even suggest Pinterest because you can build your own board and share it with me! You’re looking for inspiration, for posing examples, and maybe even trying to pump yourself up for […]

Trying to figure out what to wear at your boudoir session? We’ve got a few tips to help you out: 1. Wear what makes you feel sexy. Boudoir sessions are all about bringing your sexy side, so if you put something on and you feel uncomfortable, move on to the next option. Consider it sort […]